Whether your daughter wants to be an astronaut, 大使, 或者是会计, 女孩需要知道,而不仅仅是思考, 但是我真的知道, deep down in their gut—that nothing can stand in their way. 澳门官方老葡京 sends this message to girls every day.
专家指导, 澳门新葡新京官方的女孩们拥有独特的自信和权威,在学校和生活中取得成功. 以女孩为中心, 身临其境的环境, tailored specifically to girls’ development and empowerment, students push the limits of their potential, 追求严格的课程,提供广度和深度的研究,满足他们的个人兴趣, 人才, 和目标.

澳门官方老葡京 is a place w在这里 girls take center stage. And we think that's just w在这里 they belong.




在澳门新葡新京官方,女孩们面临着智力活力、雄心勃勃和创造性思想家的挑战. 他们变得自信起来, 勇敢的变革者致力于为自己和他人创造更美好的世界.

但是 真的 使澳门官方老葡京与众不同?


  • 充满活力的智慧

    We embolden girls to be intellectually vibrant and ambitious. In the company of other genuinely curious, 不同的学生, and guided by gifted and committed teachers, 女孩在我们的前瞻性思维中茁壮成长, 进步的学术环境.
  • 变革者

    We empower girls to be courageous changemakers. Ellis girls are comfortable tussling with complex problems and are eager to solve them. 他们成长为勇敢的人, 勇敢的年轻女性准备用她们强大的思想和声音来改变世界.
  • 安全 & 自信

    We develop young women who are secure in themselves. 澳门新葡新京官方的女孩们变得非常自信,声音也很强大——她们坚持自己的信仰, 了解自己的长处, 为自己和他人说话.
  • 积极的社区成员

    We believe learning is enhanced by the remarkable diversity of our school community. 在澳门新葡新京官方,每个女孩都被邀请把她身份的各个方面带入我们的共享空间. Ellis students are caring and empathetic individuals who make deep, 与他人建立真诚的联系.



  • What grades does 澳门官方老葡京 offer?

    澳门新葡新京官方是匹兹堡唯一一所独立的女子走读学校,招收三年级到十二年级的学生. 从幼童开始上幼儿园, students must be three-years-old by September 15; to start pre-kindergarten as a Tiger, students must be four-years-old by September 15; to start kindergarten, students must be five-years-old by September 15. The 较低的学校 is comprised of pre-kindergarten through grade 4; the 中学 includes grades 5 through 8; and the 上学校 houses grades 9 through 12.
  • When is the financial aid application deadline?

    Financial aid applications for prospective Ellis families are due on January 1. Financial aid applications for current Ellis families are due on December 15. Learn more about the financial aid process 在这里.
  • 每班平均人数是多少?

    在艾利斯, 我们相信每个学生都能被她的老师和社区深深了解她的个性是至关重要的, 她的礼物, 以及她的成长机会. In order to ensure that students learn at the edge of their comfort zone, 澳门新葡新京官方的平均学生与教师的比例为6:1,平均每班12名学生.
  • 我怎样才能了解更多?

    查询了解更多信息 about why Ellis is the best school in Pittsburgh for girls.
  • 澳门官方老葡京位于哪里?

    在匹兹堡东区的中心, Ellis is located at 6425 Fifth Avenue between Beechwood Boulevard and Shady Avenue. All Ellis students learn together on one campus, ensuring a sense of community and continuity across grade levels. Students from nearly 70 zip codes and 35 school districts attend Ellis, and 交通方式 are available to many families in and around Pittsburgh.
  • W在这里 do graduates of 澳门官方老葡京 attend college?

    College advising is woven into the Ellis curriculum; every student takes a two-year college preparatory seminar during her junior and senior years. Additionally, Ellis is the only regional school to offer in-house ACT/SAT test prep. 每个澳门新葡新京官方的学生都得到了无限小时的个人指导,以帮助她寻找大学, 每年,来自100多所学院和大学的招生官员都会到澳门新葡新京官方校区进行招生访问. 结果不言自明.
  • When is the admission application deadline?

    Complete applications for admission are encouraged by January 1. Applications are accepted until grade levels are full. If it is after January 1, please call 412-661-4880 or email admissions@mediabylivi.com to connect with a member of the Enrollment Management team.

    适用于在1月1日截止日期前提交申请的预备学前班和幼儿园学生, admission decisions are sent in mid-February. 对于在1月1日截止日期前提交申请的1-12年级的准学生, admission decisions are sent in early March.





We are delighted that you are considering 澳门官方老葡京. 澳门新葡新京官方对女孩的教育有着无与伦比的承诺,在一个最大限度地发挥智力的环境中, 物理, 情感, 社会发展. 在艾利斯, 所有年龄段的女孩都学会冒险, 工作协作, 问问题, 追求他们的梦想. T在这里 is simply no place else like Ellis anyw在这里 in our region. 在这里,女孩们可以自由地认识自己, 发现他们的天赋, 找到自己的声音, 无论是通过机器人, 或者表演艺术, 或运动.


  • 卡罗琳·弗里舍的照片

    Ms. 卡洛琳 弗里希 

    Assistant Director of 入学, Middle and 上学校
  • 奥利维亚·奥特曼摄

    Ms. 奥利维亚 奥特曼 

    Assistant Director of 入学, 较低的学校